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Hotel Restaurant Le Bouton d'Or

31, le Bermont 68650 Lapoutroie  +33(0) 3 89 47 50 95 itinéraire Hotel Restaurant Le Bouton d'Or


The Auberge du Soleil celebrates the beautiful specialties of Alsace

Rich of a generous soil, Alsace is a gastronomic region.
The cuisine of the Auberge du Soleil delights lovers of authentic and original flavors. In the plates you'll find the specialties that make the reputation of the Alsatian gastronomy but also those of the house such as the raclettine and the "Potence" salted or sweetened, flambéed in front of you, with grilled meats or shellfishes, or rum flambéed fruits served with hot chocolate...
Dishes that will not fail to surprise you!
To share with your family, our fabulous Burgers (beef, fish or vegetarian) are also sensational! 
Traditional or original, our recipes are made with fresh products from nearby farms and can be enjoyed in the raw "nature & wood" atmosphere of the entirely renovated restaurant or on the superb panoramic terrace in fine weather.
And to enjoy a unique moment with friends or family, discover our kota-grill, Finnish barbecue.

"A la carte" selection

Restaurant opening hours

The restaurant is closed on Mondays for lunch and on Wednesdays all day long (please contact us on public holidays)
On wednesday evening, half-board service is provided in season.
Service hours: from noon to 1:45 pm and from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm