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Hotel Restaurant Le Bouton d'Or

31, le Bermont 68650 Lapoutroie  +33(0) 3 89 47 50 95 itinéraire Hotel Restaurant Le Bouton d'Or


By staying at the Bouton d'Or, you are in the Haut-Rhin, 18 km northwest of the beautiful city of Colmar between the Alsace plain and the Vosges mountains, vineyards and wooded hills, close to the major sites of Alsace and the Vosges resorts.
There are many discoveries to be made: remarkable sites such as the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle 17 km away; Saint-Odile mountain, the spiritual heart of Alsace 36 km away; the picturesque fortified city of Riquewihr 10 km away; the crest road and its superb viewpoints, the magnificent village of Kaysersberg on the wine road 7 km away, as well as beautiful hikes and outdoor activities in the Ballons des Vosges regional nature park.
From the Hohneck summit, 17 km from our hotel, you will discover a magnificent panorama of the Vosges mountains. 25 km away, Gérardmer unveils the largest natural lake in the Vosges... 
You will see, there is no lack of ideas for visits and activities.
All our team will be happy to guide you and advise you during your discovery.


image Europa Park amusement park

Europa Park amusement park

Europapark (Europe's largest amusement park) and Rulantica ( aquatic area) 1 hour from the hotel : from Europapark and Rulantica by car

image Kaysersberg


7km from the hotel

image The Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

The Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

17 km from the hotel

image Riquewihr


10 km from the hotel

image Cani-Rando


Le bouton d'Or